Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali, or "Shubh Deepawali!" I was unable to post this week because of the festivities here in India, but we had a very nice holiday here in Delhi NCR. Some volunteers, two from Barcelona, one from Japan, another from the UK, two from Canada, and two from the US spent their Diwali with my family, in-laws, and parents. We all participated in the Pooja (Hindi word for "prayer") ceremony, which my father-in-law led, at our home. We all enjoyed a nice evening, filled with fireworks and delicious Diwali treats. Other volunteers went to central Delhi to observe the fireworks and celebrations from India Gate, whereas most other volunteers stayed with their host families for the holiday and a few others went traveling for the festival. Yesterday, some volunteers finished up their Hindi language and culture classes, and they went to see a new Bollywood movie, Action Replayy. Today, many of the volunteers are going to Agra for a day, while others will be participating in today's holiday, Bhaidooj (the last day of Diwali): This festival is celebrated amongst brothers and sisters, and we place a "teeka" (vermilion dot on the forehead after a prayer)  and a "moli" (red string tied around the wrist) on our brothers for protection. We wish everyone a Bhaidooj kee shubhkaamnayein! ("Happy Bhaidooj" in Hindi!)

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