Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Current Volunteering Projects

Today the volunteers from Aim Abroad have gone to several different projects: A few of our volunteers are staying at an all-girls' orphanage in Delhi NCR, where they have been helping running the orphanage by learning to cook Indian food and lending a hand in the kitchen and by helping the children with their chores in the orphanage. Another pair of volunteers is at a slum-school project, where they teach the children English communication and grammar, basic computing, and elementary mathematics. Four other foreigners here in Delhi NCR are helping out at a women's empowerment program, where they interact with rural women and help them with English communication and arithmetic skills, useful for their profession of creating materials for sale and awareness. Three other volunteers have been in a different women's empowerment program as well, where they have been participating in similar activities as in the other project. In the meantime, two volunteers have gone to Jaipur to finish their Golden Triangle tour. One volunteer from the US has been consistently volunteering at one of the nearby orphanages, where he has been ensuring that each child finishes homework ahead of time, so that the children can go to the park and play before dark. I have attached a photo from when one of our volunteers, Silvia (from Spain), donated to the children new pencils and pens, since they were short on supply. You can see the difference!

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