Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volunteers observe a surgery

Today two of Aim Abroad's volunteers went to see two surgeries at the nearby hospital that specializes in women's health. The volunteers were in the operating room with the doctors during the surgery, and asked many questions. The first surgery was a hysterectomy, and the next surgery was an ovarian cyst removal surgery. The hysterectomy surgery was a common surgery, but the cyst surgery was especially interesting. The patient actually worked at the hospital, and she had appeared to be gaining weight over several months. In the end, because she worked at the hospital, the doctors decided to see if there was a more serious issue, and tests showed that she was having several cysts in her body, making her appear to be overweight. During the surgery, the doctors realized that all of the cysts were actually one multi-chambered cyst, meaning that the other cysts budded and became separate masses from the original cyst. After the surgery, the patient looked as if she had undergone a complete transformation. She was very lucky to work in a hospital! The volunteers learned much about surgical procedures and anatomy.

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