Friday, March 26, 2010

Slum Tours in Delhi

Today some of the volunteers went on a slum tour of Delhi NCR after finishing with the street children project. First, at the street children project, the volunteers brought many games and activities for the children: With the teachers' help, the volunteers could explain to the children how to play games like freeze tag, red light green light, and red rover. Then, the volunteers went on the slum tour: When they got out of the car, a bunch of the local people living in the slums rushed around the volunteers. They were so happy and proud to show the volunteers around their neighborhood. The volunteers were especially surprised by the local people's hospitality. After the slum tour, the volunteers were driving by an area where they noticed people who had less than the people they had just met: whereas the slum village had makeshift homes and electricity, the people that the volunteers saw lived under tents, where they stay all year,, whether extremely hot or extremely cold. What fascinated the volunteers was that these people still smiled and were happy to interact with them.

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