Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mental Health Project

Today one volunteer went to work with a psychiatrist in Faridabad. The volunteer first stayed with the doctor in his office for the first part of the day. The volunteer was able to talk directly to a patient and help comfort him. The patient had been having a series of psychosomatic illnesses, and the volunteer learned a bit about how to differentiate psychosomatic illnesses from physiological illnesses. The psychiatrist was very eager to help the volunteer. After working at the psychiatrist's office, the two of them went to a mental health clinic. The volunteer saw many patients with varied mental health disabilities: some patients had cerebral palsy, down's syndrome, and autism, among other disabilities. After the mental health clinic, the two went to the psychiatrist's other office at a drug addiction rehabilitation center. The volunteer was especially interested in this project because he plans to work as a psychiatrist in India to promote mental health awareness.

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