Monday, March 29, 2010

One volunteer with Aim Abroad works on graphic design back home. She instructed some of the art classes today! She herself was saying how talented some of the children were with art, and these children have not had any formal training in the discipline. It is Aim Abroad's hope that we can help bring the children everything they need to succeed. One volunteer spoke to the founder of the street children organization, and she was explaining her goal for her projects: First, she teaches the material, and the student's goal is to learn the skills. Then, the student will learn how to use the skill to benefit herself or himself. Eventually, the main goal is so that the student will learn how to use the skill to benefit the community. For example, with these art lessons, the student can learn to use the art to earn money, but more importantly, the student can help design flyers or posters that will raise awareness of issues concerning others less fortunate. It is always inspirational for Aim Abroad's volunteers to see the constant efforts of the people running the projects associated with Aim Abroad. We hope more volunteers will come and raise awareness of these projects!

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