Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sponsor A Child's Care

As many of you already know, much of my time in India has been spent working with an orphanage run by a program called Aim Abroad. Aim Abroad is located in Faridabad, a town just South of Delhi.

Presently, Aim Abroad is in need of help in the form of sustainable small donations. Before I share the specifics of its needs, please take a few moments to read about the services Aim Abroad performs.  

Aim Abroad is a six-year old program that runs its own small orphanage and connects volunteers with other reputable orphanages, slum schools, hospitals, and women’s empowerment initiatives. Aim Abroad additionally serves as the orientation point for many volunteers entering Northern India through partner organizations. Volunteers generally spend one-to-two weeks in the residence of the program Coordinator or a local host family, during which time they receive lessons in Hindi, helpful aid in acclimating to Indian culture, full meals, organized and safe transportation to and from the specified projects and opportunities for sightseeing in Delhi, Jaipur and Amritsar. 

Presently, Aim Abroad has finalized construction on a second small orphanage catering to the needs of handicapped children, but needs your help to furnish that facility, as well as to make certain the incidental monthly costs of caring for the children in both orphanages and the volunteers can be sustained. Such expenses include, but are not limited to clothing, food, school books and school fees, wages for caretakers, appropriate furnishings and fixtures accommodating children with special needs, and medical aid for the children.

Since it is a small organization operating under the larger umbrella of the Global Orphanage Trust and currently receives only nominal donations, Aim Abroad does not yet qualify for a tax exempt status, which would qualify your donation as an exemption. Aim Abroad is growing with marked speed, and hopes to qualify for exemption status within the next year. 

In the meantime, I can personally vouch for the merits of Aim Abroad and the aid it is servicing to a community in dire need. But, Aim Abroad needs your help in the form of a sustainable cumulative donation of $100 - $200 USD a month. It does not matter if the amount comes in the form of $2, $5 or $10 USD a month from multiple persons or if a sponsor is able to contribute on a larger scale. What does matters is that Aim Abroad is able to continue servicing its community and country in providing a loving and safe home to the children it looks after and the volunteers it connects with other relief agencies. Aim Abroad wishes to sustain its current operations and movements towards expansion so as to reach as many children in need as possible.

If you are able to contribute to Aim Abroad on any scale, please contact info.aimabroad@gmail.com via email urgently. If you know of opportunities for large scale corporate or private sponsorship, let us know. We will perform the leg work. Documentation, receipts and photos can be provided to you as evidence of how your money has been spent in the continued aid of the orphanages and volunteer services. Additionally, you are invited to come to India or send a representative to make purchases for Aim Abroad directly, should you feel more comfortable. Opportunities to volunteer are also possible. Aid in all forms is welcome and so very much needed.   

For more information on Aim Abroad please visit www.aimabroad.org or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1342886865.

Please contact us via email me should you be interested to help at info.aimabroad@gmail.com.

Very best,
Bethany Renee Mezick
Aim Abroad Volunteer


  1. Be sure to post this on Facebook, so that this message will be spread among more people. Also, try reaching out to Global Orphanage to ask for my funding.

  2. Oops I meant more* funding

    I also think that this program needs to do more awareness online, because not many people even know about it.