Tuesday, July 12, 2011

useful information for volunteers

Just uploaded some pictures of the children from the Alice In Wonderland orphanage in Faridabad. For those of you who are arriving in the near future or who are interested in coming these pictures are from the orphanage program. In the next few days we will be uploading more pictures from the Slum School and other orphanages around the area. When you arrive we offer wi-fi internet access, comfortable beds and meals. In the language and culture program, you're able to go to Delhi to enjoy the daily culture and if you wish you can travel to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, to Jaipur to enjoy the elephants and cobras or to Dharmshala by bus to see the Monks for a very small fee!

Agra for the day is 800 rupees for the transportation and 700 rupees for entrance into the Taj Mahal.
Delhi for the day including most of the popular sights will be around 1000 rupees for the day!
Old Delhi and the Red Fort will also be around 1000 rupees for the day!

We can also arrange trips to Jaipur, Dharmshala and even Goa!
If you have any questions email Shaun Fantauzzo via shaunfantauzzo@gmail.com!

As I have said, more pictures to come.

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