Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Holi!

At Aim Abroad, we wish everybody had a colorful Holi yesterday! In spirit of the festivities, we helped organize a Holi gathering for the children at our orphanage! The children played on the roof of the house where they stay, and everybody had a wonderful time. For those who do not know about the holiday, Holi is a festival where we take colored powder, called "gulaal," and mix it with water or throw the powder on its own to color everyone in a variety of colors. There are many stories and different origins of the tradition; however, one tradition's moral is that the color of one's skin does not matter, a very respectable teaching!

Many of our volunteers recently went traveling, mostly to Jaipur, as the celebrations in Jaipur tend to be a little more vibrant than in our region of Delhi, so we hope that they too had a wonderful time. This evening most of the volunteers will be returning to their host families to continue with their projects tomorrow. We will be continuing our work with the new school and continue to post updates about the progress of the children's education. Once again, we wish everyone had a Happy Holi, or "Holi Mubaarak,"  as we say in Hindi!

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