Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donations from the Local Community!

Last night the children at the orphanage had special guests visit them for dinner! A local family in Delhi NCR decided that they wanted to come and spend time with the children, and brought dinner for each of the children at the orphanage: The family was also interested in spending time and making donations for the children, for which we are extremely grateful. In other news, one of my husband's acquaintances has a connection with the people who own a restaurant at the park, which the children love to visit, and he has requested that we mention his name, and the children will be able to order anything that they like! Though we will not spoil the children and tell them, we are certain that whenever the children go to the park, they will have the opportunity to eat at the park, as a chaperone would use the connection and provide the food for the children! Here is a photo of the children at the same park, as they enjoy their morning together in the park with some volunteers! It is a true inspiration to see the kind of help that so many people in the neighborhood are eager to offer.

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