Thursday, February 3, 2011

Volunteering at the Orphanage

At Aim Abroad, our volunteers have been continuing their work with us, especially with the orphanage and our newest addition, Khushi ji! One of our volunteers has been diligently waking up every morning at 7:00AM to help the children get ready for school. She has been with us for about five months, and her hard work and dedication are much appreciated by all of us, especially the children! After school, the children spend time with the rest of the volunteers, as they improve their English communication, which is a long, but worthwhile work in progress! Also, some volunteers are making plans to visit the main areas in Delhi on the weekend, and visit some of the tourist sites such as the Lotus Temple and Connaught Place, Delhi's major shopping district. We are looking forward to their exciting plans as it's always nice to explore every facet of the volunteering experience while in a foreign country!

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