Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Child at our Orphanage!

We have been very busy with Aim Abroad this past month, and thus we had not had time to update our blog in a while! We are sorry about this, but we hope to continue to be able to post as often as possible, as we want to keep everyone updated about our volunteering projects and programs! Firstly, we have some wonderful news! We have a new addition to our orphanage, Khushi, age 3! She is the second girl we have hosted at our orphanage, and now Muskan (holding Khushi in one picture) has a new friend who is a girl! We have all been very happy together, but with the new addition to our family, our work has increased a lot! The other kids have been adjusting well with Khushi ji (a respectful way to refer to Khushi in Hindi), and the volunteers have been enjoying working with a new individual as well! Our volunteers, in the mean time, have been continuing their volunteering projects in the orphanages and the medical projects, and a few have been volunteering at the schools for the children who live in slum areas. Mostly the volunteers have been working with our orphanage, since we have been making adjustments with Khushi ji, but everyone is having a nice time while we are all working together to make advancements!